While most people may visit YouTube to check out the latest viral videos or watch their favorite content creator’s next upload, they also manage to get a lot of information about businesses through the site. If you are hoping to use YouTube to help promote your company’s brand, and provide information to consumers about the products or services you offer, you will need to craft a successful marketing strategy. Here are a few golden rules to YouTube video marketing that should help you formulate your plan.

  1. Volume Wins

YouTube is a numbers game – it is how the site is structured. If you talk with any advertiser, company executive, YouTuber, celebrity or vlogger, they are going to tell you the same thing. If you have more volume, you have a far greater chance of increasing your subscriber count and getting a higher number of views for each video.

That does not mean you should churn out garbage videos for the sake of it. You still need to ensure that your videos are high quality, informative and appealing to viewers. But you cannot expect to put out one video per month and think that you will gain a sizeable audience. The only way you are going to establish a relationship with your audience is when they are seeing new videos popping up in their subscriber boxes at least one time per week.

  1. Create Content Buckets

It can become challenging to identify the best approach for YouTube marketing videos, especially if you have so much to say or promote. That is why creating content buckets can help a lot. For instance, you will want to create YouTube videos that promote your brand, explain how to use your products, highlight why those products are superior to the competition, and offer reviews on some of your best items.

These are all content buckets. When you have your buckets listed out, you will know what boxes you need to tick each month. Ideally, you will want one video from each bucket coming out every month. That will ensure you are hitting all your targets, and you are generating a good amount of content to build your audience.

  1. Maintaining a Rhythm

Audiences on YouTube love a cadence of content. That is why you will see so many YouTubers highlighting when they are next posting a video – and trying to stick to that schedule. If you are erratic with your uploads your audience will start to lose interest. Set it up so that you are uploading on the same day each week, and try to upload around the same time.

Sometimes the audience may not even realize they have fallen into a pattern of expecting your videos on a certain day, and then watching them.

If you are just starting out with your first video for YouTube and want to proceed with a steady stream of high quality videos, you may want to connect with a video strategy company. At Power Web Videos, we provide assistance to companies that do not have much experience with creating web videos for marketing purposes. We can also help you plan out a longer term YouTube video strategy to promote your business.