Studies show that if you have a single video on your website, your chances of being on the top page of Google search results pages are 50 times higher. Similar studies also tell us that people end up spending an average of two minutes more on a website if it has at least one video, and they are 60 percent more likely to make a purchase from the site.

With these statistics in mind, it is no wonder that companies are encouraged to create a website welcome video. Not only does a welcome video make it easy to communicate with new site visitors about the purpose of your site, but it also creates a level of personal engagement that is not possible through the written word.

A key reason why it is a good idea to create a website video is because of the return on investment. Creating a professional video, even with the help of a video strategy company, does not cost very much money. And a welcome video is something that will stay up on your site for more than a year. You may eventually want to create another one, but you can easily get 12 to 24 months of boosted engagement and increased sales from a short video that cost you almost nothing to create.

Creating the Ideal Welcome Video

Welcome videos are not meant to be long. While you do want to explain your site, company and offerings to customers, you do not want to overwhelm them either. No one is going to watch a ten-minute welcome video!

Start by introducing yourself. Ideally, you would have the owner or CEO of the company narrating the welcome video. While you can get an actor or someone else from the company to do the job, having the head of a company speaking directly to the audience works much better.

After the introductions, talk about a problem or challenge the site visitor may be facing. There is a reason this person ended up on your site. Depending on what your company offers, frame the challenge accordingly. For instance, if the company is selling high end consumer vacuums the challenge would refer to keeping the home clean, or having to constantly replace bad vacuums that do not last more than a few months.

Engaging with Customers

A welcome video is all about increasing engagement. You are not talking at someone, you are talking to them. Make sure the video does not sound too rehearsed or “by the book”. You want to maintain a conversational tone because that is what viewers respond to.

Now that you have introduced yourself and highlighted a problem the viewer is facing, talk with them about how you faced a similar problem in the past and how you found the ideal solution. This establishes a connection and shows you understand what they are experiencing. Now you have earned the right to mention the products or services your company offers that could help the viewer overcome their problem.

If your company is not ready to produce such a video on its own, call on Power Web Videos for assistance. We have the experience and expertise needed to create a welcome video that will engage your site visitors and convert them into solid leads.