Two of the most popular web video platforms are YouTube and Facebook. It is not surprising that companies attempt to use both platforms to promote their brands, products and services. However, each platform has its unique features and video hosting is not done in the same way on both Facebook and YouTube. To market effectively, companies must know how each platform differs.

Different Audience Behaviors

The most important distinction between YouTube and Facebook is how people approach video content on these platforms. When you are on YouTube, you are actively searching for content. Yes, you may click on a video if you see it on your home page or on the recommended tab on the right. But most of the videos you watch are the ones that interest you. And companies must react accordingly. A business must know that if people are watching their videos it is because those individuals searched for related keywords to find those videos.

Facebook video is completely different in terms of audience interaction. No one searches for videos on Facebook. They just show up on your news feed and they are gone within a few days. When someone watches a video on Facebook it is for one of two reasons: the video was linked onto their wall, or it was posted by an account they follow.

Video Length

Since audiences are expecting different things from videos on YouTube and Facebook, the video length should be different. A company cannot succeed if it is posting the same video to both platforms. That video would either be too long for Facebook, or too short for YouTube. When people watch videos on YouTube, it is intentional. They have a longer attention span. Five to ten minute videos are not an issue on YouTube.

But on Facebook, where you have just stumbled on a video, you will either find it interesting within a few seconds, or you will scroll down so you are no longer seeing the video. These videos must be catchy, to the point, short and enticing for viewers. Remember that Facebook videos auto play without audio, so the visuals are how you can entice viewers to turn the audio on and keep watching to the end of the video.

Promotional vs. Educational

YouTube is the ideal platform for educating customers and potential customers about what your company is offering. In contrast, Facebook is all about selling. Someone is not going on Facebook to learn how to use your product, or to discover its most complex features. They will either find your product interesting, or they will not. And YouTube is the opposite. People searched for your brand name, or a keyword related to what you offer. They want to learn about those products or services, so they are happy to watch a five-minute video educating them about what you are offering.

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