I’ve been asked that question many times over the years. The answer is always the shorter the better! One of the best judges of how long a video should be is YOU! Once you’ve created a video have someone watch it and see when they start tuning out or getting bored. I can tell you it will be quicker then you realize. What affects how long a video should be depends on two main factors – the content and the channel they will be viewing it on.

Welcome Video:  (Approximately 1:00)

I believe every business should have an authentic and short welcome video allowing potential customers to know more about them and their business. Remember people do business with people they like. This video should not include EVERYTHING about the business. The purpose should be a quick introduction and guiding the viewer to other locations on the website.  DON’T SELL, JUST TELL!  Here’s an example.


New Service Video: (Approximately 1:00-2:00 min)

The same holds true here as it does with all videos, the shorter the better. If someone is watching your specific video on a new service or product offering, chances are they will be more attentive.  Especially if you place the video on the appropriate website page.  In this case, Dr. Andrew Taylor is introducing a new service, SAME DAY CROWNS, to his audience.

How-to Videos: (1:00-5:00 minutes)

In the “how-to” category the length will change on how complicated or not it is to use the product. You will notice a pattern here, THE SHORTER THE BETTER… that is always the case… to keep your viewer from clicking out of the video. Here’s an example:

All of the above videos were produced by Power Web Videos. The videos are simple, sound good, look good and are effective in educating and engaging potential customers to your products and services.

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