Video Production PricingVideo Production & Pricing

Owner and 3-time Emmy Award winning video producer Regent Ducas will always be involved in your project. He does not sub-contract out the work. From script writing, to coaching, to production and editing, Regent is involved in all aspects of production and cost of video production.

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Cost of Video Production and the Video Production Process

Our video production process starts with a conference call to discuss the different videos needed to keep consumers engaged on your website. Based on the information gathered on the call, Power Web Videos will write a script for each of the videos. All videos are usually produced in (1) one day. All videos are produced on location at the business. It usually takes 10 day to two weeks to receive the videos. We will upload and optimize all videos to your YouTube Channel. (We will create a channel if you do not currently have one). We will consult with your Webmaster in placement of videos on your website. Bottom line, we do it all. We know you have a business to run and we make the process of shooting the videos fun and entertaining.

Video Production Packages

Our production video packages vary depending on the lay-out of your website. It’s important to note having one long video on your website is highly less effective then producing specific videos for your different products and services. The goal for any website is to engage consumers in your brand. Short content specific videos spread throughout the website will keep visitors on you website longer and give them specific information they are searching for. In general, the majority of our clients start with 5 video package. Some of the topics include:

  • website welcome video
  • testimonials
  • products
  • services
  • case studies
  • how-to

Video Production Pricing

Since no two projects are alike the pricing differs based on the number of videos, location and time needed for video production. What you have to remember is the ROI (return on investment) in videos last for years, not months the way magazines, newspaper or commercials on televisions do. We’ve have clients who haven’t had to change their videos in years and continue to get results from consumers visiting their website! Call today for a free no obligation consultation to discuss a video strategy that will help your business grow!​